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best protective hairstyle
splendid 🙌
Colour blend locs
Colour blend locs
Sexy brown
Sexy locs
simple and cute
stunning 😍
every Child deserves a cute hairstyle
here is the trendy hot Jungle braids to try this year
we can spice it up and give you that goddess look with this cute bohemian braids
Gorgeous Jumbo twist to try
long braids used 8 pamoja braids.
How dope are those flat twists 🔥🔥🔥

Thick juicy twists popping out here.
goddess braids on top of dreadlocks 😍 damn😘
How juicy are those twists 💁🏿‍♀️
#4bhair #naturalhair #mane #naturalista
Curls popping after shampooing
#4chair #4c #naturalista #254naturalista
slightly below the back
used 4 packs of long braids and 2 packs of short braids and 2 packs of spanish in the shade number 2
 A classic look, with gel and extension.
Gel and extension ya kila siku
Goddess braids for a happy client.
Faux locs with styling.
A bob weave 😍

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